Paper on U

Paper on U is a project of the architect Eleonora Paspaliari.

Why “paper”?

Because its possibilities are limitless; it is ephemeral (although the paper is worked upon so as to gain longevity) and challenging. Playing with paper and images, cutting it out and folding it, like we do with origami, Eleonora Paspaliari makes shapes and volumes recomposing new images. She breaks the images and recreates their structure and colors with astounding results.


Εleonora Paspaliari studied Arts Plastiques at the Sorbonne (Paris), Architecture (DPLG) at the Unité Pédagogique no 2, Paris-Nanterre and Urbanism (DEA) at the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris IV).

She designs residences and office buildings and does renovations. Her work has been awarded at the architectural contest “Working in the city”. She lives and works in Athens.


"Behind this fluid reality that flickers and changes forms, a forest of geometrical symbols throw a bridge across the past and the future"

Behind this fluid reality, which takes shapes and defies gravity, paper foldings ornate the modern search for form."